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 On July 10th of last year, my daughter reached out to MJS Wellness to give  Cannaheal, C-Therapy, CBD Daily & CB2 a shot for my father.  Cannaheal instantly became my dads most useful method of pain reliever.  I started massaging his back daily with Cannaheal, he has also been taking CBD Daily and faithfully. Massaging my dad with Cannaheal has taken the pain away from his neck, back and leg. He says the pain is practically gone! He too calls it a MIRACLE CREAM. Two months ago, we got the miraculous news that his throat cancer was in remission. The chemo and radiation was not giving us this result. They, the hospital, only wanted to make him more comfortable, not cure him. We didn’t want that. My father is a fighter and at 84, he continues to take MJS products daily. I,

 WE, can’t thank you enough for this blessing. You are a HERO for creating these amazing products and lifelines.  May God Bless you always 🙏💙mjstherapeutics.org

Cyndi Mino to MJS Consulting Services

June  17· Huntington Beach · I give my dog CBD Daily to calm her down with fireworks! She really likes the taste (wierd??). She still hides in the dark closet but is calm!!

Meredith Forsberg reviewed MJS Consulting Services5 star

June 3 at 5:20 PM · I can't say enough good things about these products and these people. Even as an experienced cannabis user I was new to every else: tinctures, topicals, ect. Since meeting her, I have mastered my period cramps (and even came off my birth control) with help of their suppositories, I have my psoriasis under control with the product cannaheal, and my mood/mind is more stable with CTherapy. I've only been using it a week and a half and i already see a positive difference in myself. CTherapy has also cut my cannabis intake back at least a 1/3! Soon we are going to tackle coming off a opioid addiction medication (zubsolv) and I couldn't feel better or more safe knowing I've got MJS Therapeutics in my corner. 

At first I was really nervous to reach out, it was so new to me, the medical side. She was sooo welcoming and you can tell she cares SO much about each one of her patients. She takes time to listen to your specific needs and creates a treatment plan to cater to them, and trust me, it shows. I can't say enough good things about her or MJS Therapeutics. THEY REALLY DO WORK. Keep blessing peoples lives y'all! <3 I love you!!

MJS Consulting Services

June 24 at 8:58 AM ·

I am so glad I found this company! I have friends and family that have benefited from using the products. From opioid dependency, to cancer, to seizure conditions, to Muscle spasms. These products are absolutely the real deal. I never realized how horrid the dependency on opiods was until I saw my father-in-law be able to be more lucid, and not suffer from his chronic pain after using the CBD topicals. My good friend has muscle spasms, as do I and we have both seen a decrease in that activity. It saddens me to see so many people addicted to the big pharma "cures". I have literally shouted from the rooftops about these products, and the word is getting out. There is natural hope, and there is relief with poisoning yourself. Thank you MJS you have absolutely changed mine and my family's lives!!

Christine Manning

MJS Consulting Services

June 22 at 11:02 AM ·

Cannabis has changed my mom's life!! She went from severe lumbar, sciatica and neuroligical pain...to PAIN FREE! Thank you!

When she was diagnosed, she was prescribed several different pain meds, that caused major side effects...including bleeding. She is now FREE to move about and enjoy life again. I am a happy daughter! I would recommend this to anyone!! Thanks Ash!!

Camille Jones Autism- ADHD 

MJS Wellness has changed our lives for the better! Our 14 year old son with Autism, ADHD & a severe learning disability has thrived on MJS Wellness! Carson has been off all pharma drugs & only on MJS Wellness & thriving now for over a year! He is more focused, less stressed, more motivated, happier & wanting to do better while on MJS & off the pharma drugs! We couldn't be happier & our friends & family have noticed the huge improvement in Carson's behavior. MJS's Wellness has been life changing for our son with Autism & we are so grateful for the positive changes! Thank you MJS Wellness for all that you have done & continue to do!

April 22 ·2018

My father-in-law who is 80 years old and suffers from Advanced scoliosis, osteoarthritis, and degenerative joint disease, and has been prescribed 10/325 oxycodone twice a day for the past decade. 5 Months ago we started him on CBD therapy from MJS, and as of today 4/22/2018 we have only had to give him one half of an oxycodone in the last 5 months. While his mental state is deteriorating due to dementia, his physical pain is all but gone. There is no way this could be possible without MJS and Joe's assistance.


Juan RG reviewed MJS Consulting Services5 star January 26 ·

I have suffered from knee, tibia & fibula pain from when I compound fractured my tib/fib. Since using CB2 & Cannaheal, I never notice when the pain is gone. I can still ride bmx and work a laborious job with no pain. I broke my leg in 2010 and I wish I had found MJS sooner. My anxiety is also non existent with C Therapy and CBD Daily. My mother has also been taking them as well for her anxiety. She also loves that it doesn’t not hinder her ability to function as she was expecting to be “high”. She’s a little old school so we did our research together for her. She also uses Cannaheal for her arthritis

Greg N Amy Catterton reviewed MJS Wellness5 star


October 18 at 3:37pm ·

 My wife has had tremendous results in fighting her bone cancer with these products. She has cut her fentanyl patch use by 40% in 30 days. If anyone has any questions as to the effectiveness of these products, please ask us or my wife for her firsthand experience and me after seeing my wife become herself again after terrible tolls of chemo. These people offer life changing products that greatly increases the quality of my wife's daily life as both wife and mother to 5 children.  

Erika Fudim‎ to  MJS Consulting Services

April 21 · I have been using these products for about a month now. The first day I used the CB2, I was PAIN FREE and it lasted SEVEN HOURS! I can’t believe how much this product has changed my life. Honestly, I had been taking all types of prescription meds and nothing was helping they were just making me feel worse. I can not stress enough to anyone that is interested in finding ways to heal your body, THIS IS IT!!!!! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to PM me. Thank you thank you thank you for helping my body feel better.


Mark Pauperas reviewed MJS Consulting Services

5 star

February 11 ·  Joe, it was great speaking to you yesterday, below is an excerpt from my father's original email (Oct 2017) to his his friends. I hope this helps out, C Therapy really helped my father, great stuff 

I could not sleep for 5 nights because of severe sciatica pain on my stroke affected side. To maneuver the stairs to go to a doctor or chiropractor was impossible. In desperation our son introduced me to C Therapy. I must say I felt the effect immediately; I got to sleep and the sciatica pain went slowly away.

Just thinking about Julie’s struggle made me think about all in our Sharing Group who may have physical problems that the testimonials talk about. This C Therapy seems to work. This is my testimony.


Stage 4 Metastasized Breast Cancer

Amy N Greg Catterton reviewed MJS Wellness — 5 stars         October 3 at 7:32pm ·

These products has been a life saver in more ways then one. Cancer has eaten at me and I have MBC that has spread into my bones. Words just can't describe what and how this works for me! My pain from MBC has decreased almost 75% and the people behind this , they are truly wonderful to talk to. Wish my family lived closer so we could actually meet!!!! Keep up the wonderful work and may God bless your work!

Jennifer Figueroa reviewed MJS Wellness — 5 stars for MJS    July 28 · 

So thankful for this product and the compassion, love and support for the two who make it and have become friends we love and appreciate so much. They really listen and come up therapeutic plans for their patients. I definitely know my daughter has benefited from their custom ideas, plans and suggestions of devices that they do not even sale, but only want to help my daughter bottom line.
Love you MJS Wellness

Amy N Greg Catterton‎ to MJS Consulting Services

December 3, 2017 · I'm two weeks away from going back to my doctor to show him how much this product works! My tumors all over my chest that where different sizes they hurt. Well, I have been using this wonderful oil for a few months now and omg the results are amzing! This morning I cried bc they are almost gone! They are getting smaller and crusting over. Thank you to the amazing foke 's who has made this possible for me and my family!!!! No chemo No radiation !!!!

Amy N Greg Catterton‎ to MJS Consulting Services

November 15, 2017 ·

Guys, this is such a miracle! I went to my oncologist this morning and I had six tumors under my right arm from my cancer, they are shrinking!!!! My cell counts are dropping and I'm able to function again. I've reduced my pain meds due to this produce and I'm proud to have such good friends that will check up to see how we are doing and great communication, even if we live so far away

Shannon Baker    Teacher

I just used the roller on my foot and it was in more pain than normal. I just got home from teaching 1st grade all day. Rolled it on and I forgot that it hurt and realized it had stopped. It normally takes all night with ice and elevation. Wow thanks!! Life changer for sure!

Tanya Stolz      October 4, 2017

We met in Long Beach at the California Cannabis Convention, I had surgery on my hand the day before. I was in excruciating pain and your roll on CBD oil and sublingual drops helped take the edge off. Much better than loading up on the pain meds my doc prescribed! Thank you ���


Corrie S. Laguna Niguel CA             Stage 4 Lymphoma Remission

Thank you for the incredible gift you have given me and my Dad. Little did I know a chance meeting with you would have such a profound impact on my life. More importantly, my father’s life. Diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma after battling cancer twice before, I convinced him to come meet you after he read all the testimonials on your website and did a little research that you recommended. You spent two hours answering all his questions and concerns and did so very respectfully. Thank you Joe. My Dad took your products to show his hematologist and surprisingly he told him that it could benefit him. So we did the MJS protocol and OK are you kidding me Joe, four months later my Dad is in full remission from lymphoma. Thank you so much for helping us. Your products are like a miracle in a bottle. Thank you Corrie

Jill & Coco, Mammoth Lakes CA

It is our pleasure to share Coco's success story @jillron A year ago today, Coco had her very last seizure!! When they started a little over two years ago, we couldn't even make it a week for awhile. Then we couldn't make our 3 month goal and had to keep upping her meds. Then a little over a year ago, we found @mjs_wellness #CBDdaily. For a long time, I never though we would make it this far. But she is thriving, even with drastic life changes for most of this year, and we can finally wean her off prescription drugs and use cannabis to heal and hopefully remain free of seizures for life! 🐶🌱🐾

Jennifer Figueroa  July 28, 2017
So thankful for this product and the compassion, love and support for the two who make it and have become friends we love and appreciate so much. They really listen and come up therapeutic plans for their patients. I definitely know my daughter has benefited from their custom ideas, plans and suggestions of devices that they do not even sale, but only want to help my daughter bottom line.
Love you MJS Wellness

Larry L. Long Beach, CA

I had to write you to let you know what a relief your cannabis topical cream has provided me. I have had Neuropathy for several years now and lived with the discomfort the problem caused. Recently I had a lengthily stay at a hospital where I was not able to walk at all. Since release my Neuropathy has caused unbearable pain. Now after applying your topical cream I am able to walk around with almost no pain. More amazing I am able to get a decent nights sleep without the foot pain I experienced before using you topical cream. Thank you for access to your product. 

 Wick T.   Carlsbad, CA

I am currently helping friends with the care of their 84 year old father.  He developed extensive Seborrheic Keratoses, commonly known as barnacles, on the top of his head.  His family members asked me to apply C-Therapy 50/50; in total it was being applied three times daily with three pumps each time.   At first I was very skeptical that it would do anything.  I recall my initial thought was, “What is this that they wasted their money on?”   I am here to tell you that it worked.  The top of his head is now clear of the Seborrheic Keratosis, and his skin looks fabulous.  I am a believer!  Thank you for an alternative option that is nonsurgical and cost effective.   

Maria M.  Carlsbad, CA

I don’t have any major health issues but I do have problems falling asleep, staying asleep and getting enough sleep. I know how important sleep is to my health and was concerned about not getting enough rest. About a year ago, my chiropractor suggested I try MJS C Therapy 50-50. I take the recommended dosage and I now enjoy a solid and restful sleep and wake up refreshed. After years of struggling with sleep I am grateful to finally have something that works! 


Allissa - Orange County, CA Cystic Fibrosis March 2017

Dr. Sam K. Radiologist - Orange County, CA Bladder/Skin Cancer December 2016

In September of 2015, I was diagnosed with stage 1 bladder cancer and carcinoma skin cancer. After what was supposed to be a simple procedure, the surgeon nicked my bladder while administering chemo and put a hole in my bladder. This caused sepsis throughout my body. None of the antibiotics worked. The hole in my bladder would not heal. After exhausting all options, my cousin referred me to MJS Wellness to try their cannabis therapies. I’ve been a radiologist for 30 yrs dealing with cancer patients everyday. I never considered using cannabis therapeutically until I met Joe & Ash. They actually spent two hours consulting me and were very informative regarding the protocol. I was a skeptic. But no more. In two and half months using the therapy protocol daily in low dose, my bladder healed, my infection was gone, the catheter was removed and the skin cancers on my head disappeared. I am now back to work and have no sign of cancer in my body. Thank you both for providing these therapies to me. Eternally grateful. Dr. K

Donna G. ER Nurse - Mission Viejo, CA Myeloma /Bone Marrow Cancer December 2016

Hello Joe-     A big thank you for all your help, care, and education in my journey.

I was diagnosed In Aug. 2016 with multiple myeloma.  It is a cancer of the plasma cells and cells that form bone and support your immune system.  I had anemia that progressed, and it was then diagnosed after a bone marrow biopsy.I have been super-healthy all my life- Vegetarian since 1976, mountain biker, rock climb, hike, no drugs or alcohol.  So how did I get cancer? I am a registered nurse and work in a large hospital - taking care of others- for 25 years. After I was diagnosed, a good friend of mine told me I needed to speak to you. I was impressed with your knowledge and quality of products.  ( After I was diagnosed- I drove to Colorado and spoke to many people there re. CBD products.  Did not get a lot of info/ compared to what I learned from you) I began to use CBD daily and 50/50 before I started chemo- I chose to do both.  I am also doing other holistic treatments- reiki- essential oils and supplements. I truly feel the CBD has helped me kick this so far.  My Cancer marker is almost 0!  I am down to .2 - ( from 3.7)   I have few side effects- no neuropathy - which is common with my chemo regimen. I did massive amounts of research and truly believe CBD is an answer to killing the cancer and keeping people healthy.

Thank You for all you do and have done for me! Blessings D. G.

Sally C. Retired - Long Beach, CA Lung, Brain & Bone & Lung Cancer December 2016

Nobody ever thought I would see this Christmas. But here I am. January 2015 I was given a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer that had metastasized to the brain and bone. At that time my oncologist gave me 3-4 months to live. During this journey I discovered cannabis oil. I take dosage in the morning and at night. I take topical morning and night. I have gone on a high alkaline diet and very minor chemo at a 45% dosage. I had no hair loss. Today the brain cancer is basically gone, the bone cancer they are not saying is gone, they just cant see it. The lung cancer has shrunk more than a third. Life is good and Im looking forward to the Kentucky derby in May. Thank you

Carmelo Consiglio - Orange County, CA February 2017

I'm an epileptic who has been using MJ's C Therapy for around a year now. I'm happy to say I've been seizure free the entire time, and as an added benefit it helped with the general inflammation of joints. Thanks MJs for such an amazing product!

Christine Drewniak - Orange County, CA January 2017

To Whom it May Concern,

I am a woman of 83 years with spinal stenosis as well as arthritis in my toes, knees, and back. My Doctor had put me on a regimen of ibuprofen and a six day steroid pack which did help in the short term but, to my dismay I developed an ulcer from it. I took myself off the medication and asked my doctor if I could try the CBD Daily. "Yes" she said, so I started using CBD Daily with good results. I have been using for six months and I really feel that it has helped me greatly with my pain. I feel as if I am benefiting from CBD Daily.

Eienna G. - Daly City, CA Childhood Epilepsy- Absence Seizure January 2017

Good morning Joe. Happy New Year. I am happy to say Melody has gone Seizure free since Jan 2nd. We have started this year great. I thank you for introducing the cod into our lives. Melody says she finally is starting to feel like a normal teenager. Thank you for helping our family.


Vey Linville – San Diego, CA COPD/Emphysema June 2016

Joe & Ash, I am writing to let you know about my truly surprising results using C Therapy. I have been using cannabis in various forms and formats therapeutically for more than 8 years. In that time I have consumed several pound equivalents, as a low estimate, including several rounds of RSO. Imagine my surprise when a trivial amount of your product provided me with different results. Although cannabis has undoubtedly saved my life, I still have challenges. When I get up in the morning, I am horribly sick.  I choke, gag & heave, struggle to breathe.  It can go on for 2 hours & it leaves me exhausted. I used one spray of C Therapy before bed without expecting any particular result. I wasn't sick the next morning, I started doing it every night for a week. 90% of my morning problems were gone. I forgot one night, sick again the next morning. Back on, better again! You have both helped me and my family so much that it is hard for me to express. You are absolutely helping people Thank you both so much, you have made a friend for life, Vey Linville

Bud Coale - San Diego, CA Squamous Cell Carcinoma & Skin Cancer January 2016

I was compelled to write & tell you all about my success with using C Therapy & CBD Daily. I am a 70 yr old stage 4 cancer survivor thanks to your miracle products. I had squamous cell carcinoma & had undergone surgery & chemo to remove tumors from my neck. Unfortunately, they did not get all of the cancer & it came back. By luck, chance or the will of God, I met the man who makes this product. After 2 months using the tinctures my scans revealed that all my squamous cell tumors were gone in my neck. I also had skin cancer appear during this time, with direct application of the oil to my skin cancers they disappeared after 3 weeks! You have provided me with a tool to heal myself that they failed to do, with no side effects. My cancer remains in remission & I believe your product is the reason. Thank you for providing me with what our family is calling “the Miracle”. Bud Coale

Karen A - San Diego, CA Stage 4 Breast Cancer Fully Metastasized October 2016

Joe, I had to write you to tell you that after being given two months to live and my Doctors telling me they cannot do anything to save me, I was given your CBD Daily from a military veteran who had tried your product. My tumor Markers were in the 50-60 range. I just returned to the Doctor and he was shocked to see that all of my tumors were gone. My new tests revealed my numbers were at 26 and I was in full remission. I don’t know what to say. He didn’t know what to say. All I know is that your product has saved my life. My family and I want to Thank you for the incredible gift you have given us and anything I can do to help you continue to do what you do…You have our support. Thank you, Karen

Matt Miller - Lake Forest CA Cerebral Palsy March 2016

I am 27 & I was born with CP. CBD Daily is the only thing that makes me feel chill

Jordan Laub - South Lake Tahoe CA Stage 4 Glioblastoma April 2016

On March 25, 2016 my father was diagnosed with a Stage 4 Glioblastoma, the size of a golf ball, located just above the left temporal lobe. The original diagnosis was that it was inoperable, and that we were to enjoy what little time we had left.

During that time before the surgery, which lasted roughly two weeks, my father declined daily. His expressive aphasia worsened, his balance decreased, his strength evaporated. My father was withering. My father was dying. The brutally regimented steroids that he was prescribed (4 Dexamethasone every two hours) were slowly inching him back to life, but it was beyond difficult to see such a strong man suffer to regain normal functioning. It was devastating to the family, and to him. We feared this was our new normality, and that this state was the best we could achieve, that is until we received the topical and oral CBD Daily & C Therapy from MJS.

I have always been a skeptic of homeopathic medicine. I perceived its reputation to be overhyped and its science unfounded. I am proud to declare I am no longer a skeptic of CBD. While he was on CBD Daily, his balance was restored, his speech returned, he glowed like he did while he was happy. He came back within hours of his first dosage. His expressive aphasia didn't seem to be the enormous obstacle it was prior to CBD. On days we treated our father with CBD, he returned to us, happy, glowing and functioning, on days we did not he slipped back into the cancerous ether, struggling for control. CBD Daily truly is a miracle. Please, give it a shot. When every second counts, full vitality is invaluable.

Signed, Jordan Laub, the son of a cancer survivor

Roland Moreno - Santa Ana, CA Dementia July 2016

My mother has been suffering from Dementia for about 1 year now. Her doctor prescribed her pills that only make her feel weak and tired. Her digestive system has been irregular for about 1 year. My family had given up hope because her doctor said that there was nothing that could help her condition. I was determined to find something that could help her. I was talking to a co-worker about my mother's condition and she told me that I should give her a CBD Oil by MJs. I found MJs CBD Daily at a local dispensary and purchased it. I was so excited, I left work early to take it to my mother. I instructed my mothers caregiver to administer 3 pumps of the oil in the morning and 3 pumps at night, everyday. She administered the CBD Daily everyday. After 2 weeks there were some amazing results. Her caregiver told me that she noticed that my mother's digestive system had improved and that her bowel movements had changed for the better. She also said that her bad breath had disappeared due to the CBD medication. She has been taking the CBD Daily for about 2 months now and likes how it makes her feel. My family is thrilled with her results and continue to be optimistic about her condition. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you MJs for your remarkable products. I tell everyone her story in hopes that it can help others.


Roland Moreno

Tim Kasten - Escondido, CA Chronic Pain June 2016

I have worked and played hard my entire life. I worked in many fields of construction and enjoyed many action sports such as Surfing, Windsurfing, Skiing, Snowboarding and Mountain biking. My passion for living life to its fullest has been my way of life since I can remember. This has come with a high cost. Injuries like broken bones, ankles and dislocated shoulders. In 1993 I injured my back while at work. Since then I have had 4 major back surgeries. I was told by my doctors that I would never be able to participate in my sports again ever! I have lived with pain ever since and the nightmare of prescription pain killers. To the point when my doctor recommended to install a pain pump. After reading about everyone who had this operation would slow spiral down to death.

Well that’s not me! I need to live life not watch from my drug inducted haze on the TV. I was depressed to say the least. It ended my marriage and all I could think is What’s the point? Why go on. I didn’t want to take the Pain meds any longer. My Family and friends told me that I wasn’t the same person I once was.

Then I learned about CBD Daily & C Therapy through friends who made claims that saved their lives. I began researching and decided to try it.

I can proudly say, Daily use CBD Daily & C Therapy has changed my life as well. I have been able to stop taking the prescription drugs. Although I’m not able to do the sports at the level I once did. I have able to live my life again. Bottom line is this has saved my life.

I’m so grateful! Here’s Proof!! Oct 2015

Wendy Hawkins - Huntington Beach, CA Anxiety July 2016

Alte Verde Wellness serves the beachside Communities in North Orange County and currently provides approximately 50+ Medical Cannabis Patients with their Cannabis medicine. Every single patient of mine is utilizes the MJS amazing cannabis therapies for a multitude of health related issues. The bulk of my patients are anywhere from age 30-87 years old. The 87 yr. patient of mine has had 5 back surgeries and could barely get out of bed, taking 10-15 Norco's a day. After 2 days of taking CBD Daily, he was up and waking around. After 1 week his wife told me he was off all his prescription meds and had been able to return to his favorite pastime of gardening & that He hasn't felt better! He also has throat cancer & for years hasn’t been able to produce enough saliva. He has found immediate relief for his Cotton Mouth using the Wild Nectar. After one dose, he began to smile whereas it was painful to do so before due to severe cottonmouth, a side affect of his prescription medications.

Another patient of mine had major nerve damage in her left arm, major anxiety, PTSD & IBS. All of her health issues are gone now and she has full use of her left arm. She is taking CBD Daily 2 times per day & it has truly changed these people's lives including my own. I see the changes with my patients and it is incredible. I take CBD Daily for Anxiety, PTSD, Hashimoto's and an Ulcer. It has been wonderful having such an incredible medicine like this to offer my patients. Wendy Hawkins, Owner Alte Verde Collective.

Lee Rago - Irvine, CA Glaucoma Patient & Prostate Cancer August 2016

I wanted to write you to tell you about my experience using C Therapy & CBD Daily. I was diagnosed with Glaucoma 15 years ago and the pressure in my eyes with the prescribed drops has remained around 25-30. Just under a month of using the Cannabis oils, I had a routine appt scheduled to have my pressure re tested by my opthamologist. To both of our surprise…my pressure was at 15! He asked me what I was doing differently & I told him I had been using a combination of cannabis oils the last month. He wanted to do his own trial to see if the tinctures truly had any part in the drastic change in my pressure. He advised me to stop taking the drops he had prescribed for my glaucoma & to only use the CBD & 50/50. Well, I just got back from his office & my pressure was 14. Your product did for me in two weeks what the pharma drops never did for me in 15 years. Im using your product from now on. I am also in stage 1 prostate cancer, I am hoping for positive results in my treatment of this Thank you Joe for giving me what no doctor or specialist ever did. I will share my success with your product with everyone I know. God Bless You, Lee

Christine Lee - Buena Park, CA Lupus - Rheumatoid Arthritis July 2016

It has become increasingly difficult to pinpoint the problems in my life due to being compromised with Lupus (Systemic) & to find good alternative remedies that do not hurt my body unnecessarily. I have been working with it directly since 2009 though I have been living with lupus since 1999. My daily flares are often triggered by stress, chilly wind, cold air conditioning, bright halogen lights, and the glare that reflects from the sun onto windows. The flares vary and can be felt through excruciatingly painful joint arthritis and migraines, mostly, they occur in my joints of toes, fingers, ankles, neck, wrists, knees, shoulders, spine, hips, and elbow. If I can get 8 hours of interrupted sleep a night, I generally have enough energy to handle at least 12 hours up to 16 hours. However, that in itself is not something that I can rely on; verily often, I am in such pain and discomfort that only 3-4.5 hours of sleep are experienced and insomnia kicks in. It is impossible to sleep on a bed or on a flat surface yet a soft surface would cripple and paralyze my legs and neck and lock it into a strange contorted shape. Even worse, trying to smoke or vape a bowl of cannabis has become a painful chore, so that I cannot even get myself into a position to use a form of heat and apply it accordingly. I have been a Prop 215 SB 420 medical cannabis license holder since 2009 and have found what helps and what does not. There have been many CBD lotions, capsules, and tinctures on the market but I have not found a single brand, save one, that is consistent with use and pain relief. Here I introduce MJ Wellness CBD Daily and 50/50 C Therapy. They are not psychoactive, meaning that they do not slow my thinking down or my legs physically, but rather, magically, numb the pain down and reduce the thickening blood vessels, allowing for even blood flow to occur. CBD in this form of MJ Wellness tinctures helps to improve my blood circulation both aesthetically and physically, and for that, I can only be grateful. Just the other night, my right hand locked into a strange contorted position where it was extremely painful to even try to straighten. It took me a long time to fall asleep and even then, I woke up 4 hours later due to the throbbing pain, where my hand had locked even further into a strange position. The morning of, I was able to go downstairs and ingest some CBD Daily. From there, 6 drops every hour, from about 630 am to 9 am, I could feel less pain in my right hand; right now, I am able to straighten it on my own without forcing it against a table or my other hand; it feels like only my ring finger knuckle is bruised; and I am able to use it for computer & writing based purposes. I am very thankful and very grateful of such an amazing product on the market that is very consistent with grade and potency and is serviced as well with health-minded individuals who genuinely believe in the well-being of your wellness.

Sincerely, Christine Lee

Ruvi Lopez - Compton, CA Anorexia, Depression, Herniated Disks, Sciatic Nerve Damage

My name is Ruvi & I am sharing my story with you on how I began to enjoy life dealing with ANOREXIA, DEPRESSION, HERNIATED DISKS AND SCIATICA NERVE DAMAGE. I AM ONLY 27 YEARS OLD & I have back problems & pain like a 70 year old. I easily feel depressed, my back pain pulses & when I bend over I feel like my lower back gets stabbed. I have stress knots throughout my entire body, I’ve had a broken nose from middle school which causes me pain (even more in the cold) which leads to major migraines, I suffer from anorexia and ulcers. I could go days without getting an appetite & the most I can force myself to eat is about an inch of food (without THC). I began to alleviate my symptoms with cannabis 10 years ago. I smoke about a gram and half to 2 grams a day but I still had lower back pain & lingering depression once the high wore off. I was introduced to MJ’s CBD Daily, a COMPLETELY NON-PSYCHOACTIVE ALTERNATIVE! Not only did it help tremendously with all my issues it also tastes so DELICIOUS! Unlike most CBD products that have a nasty taste, MJ’s is incredibly delicious. I started to use MJ’s Daily three times a day. With my first dose I noticed a natural feel good & mind clarity. The second day I didn’t get my usual pulsing migraines, the pain in my nose was very light & I was only smoking to gain my appetite & sleep. Within one week I forgot I had back pains! My depression subsided & my disks weren’t bothering me with pulsing pain, it even helped with my mind fog. If I take MJS CBD Daily routinely, I only smoke about two times per day. Being a mother the fact that I smoke less & feel less pain is an INCREDIBLE PLUS! It ALSO helped a lot with my mood especially during an extremely difficult time in my life!. I recently lost my beautiful loving and caring cousin. As any one else who loses a loved one, confusion & instant depression hit me. I increased my dosage to 5 times a day & it really helped me get through my days. At work, I was able to focus on my day with strength & patience. At home, I was able to finish my cleaning & cooking without the bulging pain down my spine. I now recommend MJs CBD Daily over any other product because not only is the product vegan friendly its made with true love & compassion. I have tried many products but this is the first to work not only for me but also for many cannabis patients in the collective I volunteer at. Having the privilege to work in a legal dispensary, I have had the honor to personally witness many patients gain relief after using CBD Daily and Therapy. Patients utilizing cannabis for Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, Anxiety, Social Problems, ADHD, Chronic Pain. The most incredible case I witnessed was a loving father get his life back only weeks after a stroke! The patient had AMAZING results following a stroke. He came back in to the dispensary & called me an ANGEL simply because I gave him my own bottle of MJs CBD Daily due to his low funds from paying medical bills following his stroke and recovery. MJs CBD Daily is the healing medicine for the ENTIRE family as it is extremely safe for kids and even pets! My 7 yr old daughter gets so much aid with her gastrointestinal problems. Without it she is in pain 15 minutes after each & every meal, as well as in pain during the stool passing. She has to deal with heartburn & abdominal pain. As a mother, I WILL look for solutions & thank the heavens I found it with MJs CBD Daily. My daughter is able to go to school without worrying about after lunch or about being embarrassed by her constant bathroom visits, which she has got picked on for. I have even seen it work for my German shepherd! I live in Compton in a area where gunshots and police helicopters are a way of life, so I deal with his anxiety all the time. I squirt 3 pumps in his food and or on his tongue & within minuets he is so calm & happy! Don’t waste another day in pain or in Agony, don’t live the daily painful life but rather start enjoying painless days with the one and only MJ’S CBD DAILY! Much love from a mother, patient, & now friend, Groovy Ruvi

Jeff Ross - Fallbrook, CA Bone Infection June 2016

I was scheduled to have my toe amputated due to an infection that had reached the bone. None of the medications my doctor prescribed had any effect. I decided to try the MJs C Therapy & CannaHeal topical as a last resort. Within 1 month of topical and oral use, my toe infection had completely healed. I am so grateful to of tried this product, it saved my foot from amputation! Thank You Joe, Jeff Ross

Connie Whitledge - Huntington Beach, CA Anxiety - IBS

My name is Connie. For the past 3 or 4 years my health began rapidly deteriorating. I went from an extremely active lifestyle to becoming very sedentary. I finally found a doctor who really listened and prescribed an anti-anxiety medication. I do not do well with any type of medication. I am ultra-sensitive to prescription medication of any kind. I encountered most all of the side effects listed. This medication also made me not care much about life. I gained weight (side effect), became lethargic and my memory was affected. When the diarrhea became so bad, I had to stop.

My severe anxiety had literally caused physical damage to my body and it was evident I could not rely on traditional prescription medication to help. There was nerve damage on the left side of my body. I had a very painful neuropathy in my left foot. My entire body ached due to inflammation. I was not sleeping well at night. This all left me extremely lethargic. Every small task seemed overwhelming.

I had been watching documentaries about CBD oil and the healing properties it contained. I watched and learned – for about 1.5 years. Due to the negative stigma attached to Cannabis, I was fearful of what friends and family would think. I finally contacted someone I felt I could trust – Wendy Hawkins owner of Alte Verde, a Medical Cannabis Collective serving my community. There was open discussion about the benefits of CBD Daily

I began taking MJ’s CBD Daily, Wild Nectar and C Therapy. Some of changes were quickly evident. Pain – the pain was reduced after the first dose. I have now been taking CBD for a little over a month. Below is a list of things improved by CBD:

I rarely notice any pain in my body. That alone is amazing. I had so much pain before.

I finally sleep so well at night I awake refreshed.

Inflammation in my body has decreased considerably.

IBS – this is a big one – no more IBS. I have had this since my 20’s.

Snoring seems to have been eliminated – according to my husband.

Skin seems to appear healthier and have more elasticity.

Blood pressure is now like it was in my youth (20’s).

Resting heart rate is remarkable.

Lab results are great.

I am happy (not THC happy). I find myself singing to the radio.

I have more energy. Tasks are no longer overwhelming.

Anxiety has been reduced so much, I finally feel normal.

** My M.D. told me to keep taking the CBD oil. He is a believer. He has also studied the benefits of CBD.

I would like to spread the word about this miraculous product – MJ’s CBD Daily and their other products. So many could benefit from taking this.

We need to spread the word so others can begin to heal their bodies and minds --- that’s what it does.

Sincerely, Connie Whitledge



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CBD Daily offers a daily measured dose of CBD rich whole plant extract administered through oral, sublingual & topical application for maximum therapeutic benefit. Our powerful proprietary blends of essential cannabinoids & terpenes have proven to be an effective therapy in a low dose daily regimen.